Coffeeneuring Ride 5, 2 Nov 2016: Pulling out the Heavy Duti

Man, the Coffeeneuring challenge is slipping  away! Time to catch up and get in something this week! One of my "personal challenges" in the Coffeeneuring challenge is to ride each one of my rideable bikes at least once through the course of the challenge.* I've used both the Raleigh Superbe and Crested Butte, my two... Continue Reading →

The Pedal Dilemma and klunkerising the Heavy Duti

PLEASE NOTE: If you are one of those readers whose eyes roll over when I get too nerdy about bikes, please skip reading this installment and wait until I write about something "real". And refrain from your snarky comments, please and thank you! Hey, remember the Schwinn Heavy Duti? Last time I rode it I... Continue Reading →

The “ugly” saddle.

If you have been around here long enough, you know I'm a Brooks saddle man. Ever since I got my first Brooks back in 2008 (wow, seven years ago!) all the bikes that have passed through my hands have had a Brooks on them at some point, including my Schwinn Heavy Duti. But the Brooks... Continue Reading →

More stuff with the Heavy Duti.

Ah yes, the Heavy Duti! I haven't really talked about the Schwinn Heavy Duti here  since I purchased it in the beginning of October. That's because it languished in the basement for most of October as I was focused on other things. But over the past couple weeks, I've had a number of things done... Continue Reading →

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