Rocky Butte rendezvous, 9 Feb 2021

Camera: Minolta SR-T 101. Lens: MC Rokkor-X PG f/1.4 50mm. Film: Kodak Colorplus 200. Rocky Butte is a prominent promontory in NE Portland, lying just west of I-205. It's part of the Boring Lava Field, a collection of volcanic cinder cones found along the east side. From the height of the hill at 613 ft/187m,... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring 2018, Ride 5: Some inside coffee, some outside Rocky Butte. 6 Nov 2018

I had a relatively early (9 AM)* meeting on Tuesday November 6th. I met at Grand Central Bakery in the Beaumont neighborhood with Doug of Alameda History where we talked about doing some history rides in 2019. So look for something interesting in the near future! Despite being there for an hour-and-a-half, I still had... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer, or my recent rambles.

We've had a wetter-than-average winter around these parts. While this alleviates some concerns for summer droughts, it's safe to say that an overwhelming majority of Cascadian residents are welcoming drier weather. And this week, finally, finally, FINALLY! The nicer weather has arrived. It's been sunny since Tuesday, and we've finally crested 70F/21C for the first... Continue Reading →

A summer’s ramble

It's been a fairly quiet time 'round this blog. I've been occupied with work, and haven't had much in the way of adventures. And summer is now in full swing, with ample sunshine and warmth until...oh, September. While this is generally a good thing, it's actually been a bit hot, and is going to get... Continue Reading →

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