The Obligatory Cyclepedia at Portland Art Museum post.

Yep, that's all done with Nutcase helments.As someone who a) likes bikes and b) lives in Portland, I felt like I was obligated to swing by the Cyclepedia exhibit going on at Portland Art Museum. And I had no excuse not to: I had some free passes for admission since I sort of did some... Continue Reading →

Interesting Bikes Spotted: Antique Phillips Roadster

One thing that I've noticed as my bike obsession has increased over the years is how I spot more and more interesting bikes. If I was solipsistic I would assume that the number of interesting bikes in Portland has increased over the years. While that's partially true (thank you, hotbed of framebuilders), interesting bikes have... Continue Reading →

Interesting Bikes Spotted: Apollo Roadster Tandem

Hello friends! Here is a long-overdue installment in "Interesting Bikes Spotted", aka "Other People's Bikes". For this segment, we'll go back about a month and a half to my PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour. When in Olympia, I spotted this interesting specimen:An Apollo roaster tandem!It's of British make, unknown age, with possibly a Sturmey-Archer four speed hub. Note... Continue Reading →

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