Beausage and Special Bikes

Andy's Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen, 15 October 2022. Olympus 35RD/Ilford HP5+ In Grant Petersen's latest "Blahg" post, 1 he touches upon people who get fancy bikes like Rivendells yet rarely use them because they're worried about damage, theft, and the like. (It's a really long blog post, as is Grant's wont, where he talks about... Continue Reading →

Bay Area Trip Reflections

I think the location is pretty obvious to most people who live on Earth. (Extraterrestrials: Please contact me for deets.) 19 June 2022. Olympus XA2/Fuji Color 200 Emee and I got back from almost a week in the San Francisco Bay Area, from Saturday night, June 18th, until Friday June 24th. This was the first... Continue Reading →

A Bay Area Trip, 19-24 June 2022

From my March 2017 trip, when I brought the Bantam along. Hey folks! Details have not been formalized, but I am 90% certain I will be heading down to The Bay Area in a couple weeks to accompany Emee for work stuff. The rough dates are from Sunday June 19th to Friday June 24th, conveniently... Continue Reading →

Rivelo is closing

It's a new year, and time is not being kind to brick-and-mortar bike shops. Bike Portland has reported that two bike shops plus a bike cafe are closing this month: Breadwinner Cafe, Norther Cycles, and Rivelo. The first two closings are sad, but don't hold that much personal meaning to me: I wasn't excited by... Continue Reading →

Bay Area Trip: A day in.

I boarded the southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight around 2 PM on Tuesday. Trains are my preferred method of travel when it's too far/long or maybe not the best season to bike. I've taken the train to the Bay Area for all of my teens trips, which always seem to happen in late winter. Winter is... Continue Reading →

Goin’ to California, March 19-28

Hello friends! Big travel plans are afoot! Or rather, awheel. I've got a lot of vacation time to use up before it goes away, so now is as good as ever for a trip. And where to? Why California, of course! I haven't been to California in three years (and before that, five years.) It's... Continue Reading →

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