Hang up the phone, it’s my final Coffeeneuring ride of the challenge! (Number 7, if you are counting.)

It’s the end of Coffeeneuring as we know it for 2013!After “phoning it in” on Ride 6 last week, I hoped to make the last ride something special. I was planning on making the Sunrise Coffee Club ride to Mount Tabor on Thursday morning (November 21st) my entry for Ride 7, especially since I was... Continue Reading →

Coffeeneuring Report, Week 5: A Three Speed Tweedneuring Ride

I have been dutifully completing one Coffeeneuring ride each week since this whole business started in October. And pursuant to Mary's rule, I've been completing each ride on my "weekend". Now I haven't done a ride on an actual weekend, but because I have a non-standard schedule (meaning not Monday through Friday), I can use... Continue Reading →

File Under: Crankarm Kaput

Over the past month or so, I've heard weird creaks from my left crankarm on the Raleigh Wayfarer. Not only that, the pedal made a noticeable "slip" feeling with each pedal stroke. I didn't think too much of it until the sound became worse. I asked some bike experts, and though I thought the issue... Continue Reading →

The Return of the Wayfarer

Notice something? Yep, my beloved Raleigh Wayfarer is BACK. Like Twain, the rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Yeah, I know, last time I talked about the Wayfarer, I was bemoaning the broken seatstay and claiming the death of the frame.Then Bob of Bantam Bike Works swooped to the rescue, and welded seatstay... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Mountain Tour Bikes

Welcome back the Urban Adventure League's most copied feature, Other People's Bikes. I'm your host, Rip Taylor.This installment comes to us from manic Monday over on delicious Division Street in the Southeast Portland. After a tasty burrito* I stopped into a local resale shop. Upon locking up I noticed this beaut:Yep, it's another Raleigh USA... Continue Reading →

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