Pedalpalooza coming! Here’s what the Urban Adventure League (and Society of Three Speeds) has in store.

Yes, my friends, Pedalpalooza, Portland's annual celebration of bike fun, is just around the corner. This year, it's all of June! Which I'm not super stoked about, as I feel it's just a bit too long. But whatever. (And I'll be gone for a good chunk of the first half, due to bike tour.) But... Continue Reading →

A Wednesday ramble, and the Gentlemen’s Country Bike (14 Sept 2016)

Astute followers of my photostreams (whether flickr, tumblr, or Instagram) may have noticed I've spent a decent amount of time on my lovely Raleigh Superbe the past month or two, a bike I still haven't formally introduced here. (Soon!) The big reason is while I have owned the bike since last September and it's been... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer, or my recent rambles.

We've had a wetter-than-average winter around these parts. While this alleviates some concerns for summer droughts, it's safe to say that an overwhelming majority of Cascadian residents are welcoming drier weather. And this week, finally, finally, FINALLY! The nicer weather has arrived. It's been sunny since Tuesday, and we've finally crested 70F/21C for the first... Continue Reading →

Coconut Bill comes to town

Coconut Bill avec beard. Photo by Andy Schmidt.It’s been busy times ‘round the Urban Adventure League HQ. Busy with work, busy with move preparations, not that busy with bike stuff or drawing stuff unfortunately. But over the last week I made some time for bike fun, as Coconut Bill came to town.“Who the **** is... Continue Reading →

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