Coffeeneuring 2021, Ride 6: With the Bantam and Coffee Outside, 20 Nov 2021

Ascending Powell Butte, 20 Nov 2021. Olympus 35 RD/Kodak ColorPlus 200. I've ridden my Brompton A LOT since I got it in the middle of October. It makes sense: I want to become familiar with it, and the only way to do so is by riding it a lot. Plus, it's a fun bike. Oh... Continue Reading →

Yet another Powell Butte typed ramble, 2 May 2021

By Johnson Creek, 2 May 2021. Olympus 35RD/Ilford Delta 100 (red filter) Sunday May 2nd was a beautiful day in these parts, a mix of sun and clouds, a high in the 70s F. The big plan was to visit my friend Andy in his Milwaukie (the town south of Portland, note the lack of... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer.

The last few days we've gotten our first tease of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, a "spring heatwave" if you will. It's been pretty nice since last week, but since Sunday we've seen the thermometer go up: 65F/18C on Sunday, 74F/23C on Monday, and 80F/27C on Tuesday. Eighty degrees! But it's supposed to get... Continue Reading →

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