Postcard Club 2021-22 now available

It came up in conversation during my Bikes and Film Cameras Ride on Saturday: How do we notify people about stuff? Email was the standard for awhile, but many people only glance at their emails, and the "youth of today" have an aversion to it. If you are not close with someone, text messaging is... Continue Reading →

Shop Update: New pin, Postcard Club now through 2021, and a New Old Stock restock

Hey folks! I'm always introducing, re-introducing, or revising stuff in my shop. Here's a quick update as to what's newish: I've got a 1.25"x1" Olympus XA2 acrylic pin ($2 plus s/h). You can find this and more in my Etsy Shop.I also unearthed some copies of NEW OLD STOCK 2.125, the third installment of my long-running bicycle... Continue Reading →

Time to renew your Postcard Club for 2020

Hello friends! Many of you have signed up for Postcard Club. This is where I send about four (but sometimes five or six) different postcards throughout the calendar year. You'll get a unique postcard roughly every season, detailing the various events Urban Adventure League and Society of Three Speeds does. This is great for keeping... Continue Reading →

Postcard Club Sale ENDS Sunday 23 Dec

My Postcard Club is simple: I send about four (sometimes five and even six) unique event postcards throughout the year, each one with my drawerings on it! (See above) I like doing things "old-school" around here. Yes, email lists and "social medias" do the same trick. But they ain't as cool. A postcard? It's physical,... Continue Reading →

Postcard Club 2019 now “live!”

Hello friends! Over the years I've sent out postcards announcing the various events I've done via Urban Adventure League and Society of Three Speeds. Maybe you've gotten one or three? Anyways, if you want to get in on the action, you can join my Postcard Club! The membership for 2019 is now active. You'll get... Continue Reading →

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