Seize the January day

It's been a dry few days around these parts. It doesn't rain non-stop all the time in winter here in Cascadia, so there's opportunities for dry rides a lot of the time. But a reliable string of dry sunny days during the wet season, a period where the rain gear is safely abandoned, calls for... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer.

The last few days we've gotten our first tease of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, a "spring heatwave" if you will. It's been pretty nice since last week, but since Sunday we've seen the thermometer go up: 65F/18C on Sunday, 74F/23C on Monday, and 80F/27C on Tuesday. Eighty degrees! But it's supposed to get... Continue Reading →

The thaw occurs.

It was bound to happen. Portland can't stay that cold that long (usually). The much promised thaw began to happen, despite the snow's best efforts to stick around until May. It started with whimper on Tuesday. It started to rain (some areas got freezing rain) but the temp was in the mid-to-upper 30's. There was... Continue Reading →

Snow? Snow!

And without warning, and just like that, Portland got its first snow of the season, the first of 2016. (At least in the lower elevations, the higher elevations got a little last week.) It's been cold for Portland the last week, highs just above freezing, but sunny. Our "cold snap", so to speak. And I... Continue Reading →

Is this my celebrated autumn?

We've had a week of off and on precipitation and lower-than-average temps. This has been refreshing, since this summer was becoming too much of something to be endured not enjoyed. Continuous 95F days do not make me happy. And because of the cooler, damper weather, autumn's approach is being felt. And I'm happy with that. I actually... Continue Reading →

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