The Snow in Portland, 22-25 February 2023

The scene in front of my house, 23 Feb 2023. Note the shoveled walk. Olympus XA/Fuji C200 Hello all. In my long-winded post last week I talked about the unexpected snowstorm we got on Wednesday February 22nd. While the forecast said there was a chance of flurries, instead we got ten inches, the biggest one-day... Continue Reading →

An end of February State of the Bike Address, and plans for warmer bike adventures. (Plus: Snow in Portland)

From a snow ride in February 2018. We got much more snow this time. Even though selling the Raleigh Crested Butte was the right decision, as it was never, ever going to fit me correctly, I still miss it from time to time. I type this missive on Thursday evening, February 23rd. Portland has just... Continue Reading →

The never-ending summer

Every summer these past few years has been something. Back in 2020, we had the smoke-choked air in September, where the AQI was off the charts. Going outside for a half-hour was like smoking a full pack of Lucky Strikes. Last summer was the "ridiculous heat wave", where Portland somehow hit a mind-boggling 116F/47C, a... Continue Reading →

An April Update

Hello folks. I don't do these "State of the Union" style posts that often, but should do them more often, because there's often things going on in my life or with the League that don't always translate into a blog post. April has been a difficult month here, mostly due to the weather. It seemed... Continue Reading →

The “snow” week, 26-31 Dec 2021

Looking out the front door, 28 Dec 2021. Minolta SR-T 101, MC Rokkor PG 50mm f/1.4, Fuji Superia 400. It's winter, and we saw a bit of snow here in Portland. It really wasn't much of anything, especially in comparison to the goodly amounts that happened to the north--Seattle and Vancouver really got socked. Basically... Continue Reading →

Talk about the weather

Sunflowers, Frazer Park. 17 August 2021. Minolta Freedom Tele/Kodak Ultramax 400 It's the last day of August. For many, this means "the end of summer", though in the US we typically consider Labor Day Weekend as the season-ender. Soon the long, warm days will be a memory. The sun is setting sooner, now it's going... Continue Reading →

Rain Cape Season

It's January, and it's the rainy season. The last week has been pretty wet, though there have been some fairly dry days thrown in. Of course, the days I ended up riding were the wet ones, not the dry ones! My typical way of dealing with rain is layers of wool. A good thick wool... Continue Reading →

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