Portland Snow Days Past: A look back

As I've said before, it doesn't snow much here, but it does snow. And I have written about it before! So get yourself a cup o' hot cocoa, curl up, and check out these reports from the depths of this blog. From December 2005 (!) an unexpected snow and its aftermath. Another surprise snow in... Continue Reading →

Towards the thaw: Cole Snass 2014.

It was a "stay at home Sunday" around the UAL HQ. The snow covered with ice didn't exactly encourage going out. and after "snow biking" the previous three days, I wasn't in any hurry to bike either. Instead I spent most of the day doing things around the house. It's nice to have days like... Continue Reading →

Snow typed event, 6-9 February 2014.

Editors Note: Some people are referring to this winter storm as Snowpocalypse. I refuse to use that title, as that's what we called the much longer, much bigger storm in 2008. Try harder, Portland! Well, sometimes the forecasters are right. The National Weather Service had been predicting a good "snow event" in Portland the beginning... Continue Reading →

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