The things that stick in your head: Revisited

If you've ever done a bike tour, through hike, or some other type of activity where you'll be traveling by your own power for hours a day, you'll eventually get things stuck in your head. Maybe it's a particular type of food that you now crave (and know you might not get any time soon),... Continue Reading →

Portland-Gorge-Spokane Tour: Parting Thoughts

The Portland-Gorge-Spokane Tour was, as a Seattle band put it, Ultramega OK. It was by no means a bad tour. The scenery, while only consistently spectacular for the first two days and for moments after that, was good overall. The weather decent, only some rain on those first two days and then mostly sunny and... Continue Reading →

Back in Portland

Got on the westbound Amtrak Empire Builder (train 27) in Spokane at 2:30 am PDT. Of course I end up sitting behind the kid who can't shut up while I try to sleep. Arrived at Portland Union Station just before 10. Assembled bike and catching breakfast on the way home.

Going home.

Well, it's almost 1 am PDT and I'm in Spokane's train station, waiting for the Empire Builder to pick me up at 2:30 am and bring me home. Overall, tour was o-k. Now back to real life. I'll have more to report soon. And I've got a lot of photos to sort through. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

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