Two more posts up on 35mmc

Hey folks! Yeah, I had a post about found film up on the cool film photography centric website 35mmc back on October 10th. (That post got more reaction than I thought.) Since then, I've had two more posts up! Check them out: Pentax IQZoom 928 Review – My Superzoom of ChoiceSamsung Slim Zoom 1150 Review:... Continue Reading →

A Central Oregon trip to Cove Palisades and Smith Rock, 23-26 August 2021

Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint (Crooked River Canyon), 25 August 2021. Pentax IQZoom 928/Cinestill BWXX Last month Emee, her two kids, and I drove to Central Oregon for a bit of end-of-summer relaxation. We rented a cabin at Cove Palisades State Park on the shore of Lake Billy Chinook. This reservoir is where the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Pentax IQZoom 170SL

From the The Dalles Ramble, Leap Day 2020. It's one of my favorite shots of the year, and it was shot on the Pentax IQZoom 170SL. (Espio 170SL) Another camera departs the flock. This time it was my Pentax IQZoom 170SL, known as the Espio 170SL outside of North America. I got this camera way... Continue Reading →

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