U-Fix Sale (mostly): Pedals, dynamo, Shorts. Plus: tires!

Hello friends! I've had a few items kicking around that need a little something-something. I've realized that I'm probably not going to get around to repairing these things. These items are still functional, but will need a bit of elbow grease and/or skill to make them 100%. So I'm offering them up to you for... Continue Reading →

The Pedal Dilemma and klunkerising the Heavy Duti

PLEASE NOTE: If you are one of those readers whose eyes roll over when I get too nerdy about bikes, please skip reading this installment and wait until I write about something "real". And refrain from your snarky comments, please and thank you! Hey, remember the Schwinn Heavy Duti? Last time I rode it I... Continue Reading →

FOR SALE: Various parts

Okay, it's fall cleaning around here. To make room for the new, some of the old needs to go. All prices listed do not include shipping, unless it says so. I'll ship to anywhere in the US, and the more you buy, the better the shipping rate will be! If you need it shipped, payment... Continue Reading →

Adventures in DIY: Pedal Overhaul

Pedal body with axle,  washer, locking nut, dustcap, and cone. Not pictured: ball bearings.A few people think I'm a great bicycle mechanic. This notion is quite far from the truth. Oh sure, I can do some basic stuff. Fix a flat? Sure. Adjust brakes? Grudgingly. Mount stuff? Okay. Since I have toured extensively, I can do... Continue Reading →

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