Pedalpalooza 2023 Events and Rides UPDATED

Hey folks. I've gone ahead and added one more event to the list of Pedalpalooza rides and events I'm doing: Another Bike Touring Workshop slated for the evening of Thursday July 6th. That's when the Societe des Rambleneurs ride was supposed to happen, now that's been bumped to Sunday July 30th. So now I'm doing... Continue Reading →

Two Pedalpalooza camping trips added: Midweek Gorge, 14-15 June, and Oxbow Overnighter, 13-14 July 2023

Hey folks! I previously mentioned all the rides I'm doing during Pedalpalooza 2023, which is all of summer (June through August), plus I shared my summer schedule for the Sunset/Moonrise Ride series. Now it's time to share the two (yes, two!) camping rides I'm leading. They are all weekday ones, as I'm busy on a... Continue Reading →

Pedalpalooza Preview 2023

Pedalpalooza is Portland's all-summer (June, July, August) festival of bike fun, where hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of individual bike rides are led by people like you and me. I've been busy working on getting all my events on the calendar. Here's what I got so far. The full line up should be finalized in... Continue Reading →

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