A pre-Christmas Ramble down Johnson Creek way, 23 December 2020

It's pretty boilerplate, as far as rambles go: I head down to my post office, then south towards Johnson Creek, then east. Boilerplate, but good. And come Wednesday December 23rd, much needed. December was decently wet, at least the two weeks in the middle of the month. This Wednesday was dry and sunny, so I... Continue Reading →

Blog Post Revisited: Parrots, Peacocks, and now Pheasants

Golden pheasant. Hello friends, welcome to the semi-regular series "Let's revisit old blog posts", where we revisit old blog posts! Today we'll revisit one of the most popular posts I have ever written, Of Parrots and Peacocks, which was written in this blog's infancy (2005!) For most of the existence of this blog it was... Continue Reading →

Posts that come back from the dead

Generally, the only comments I get regarding old entries are from bored people in the middle of the night saying "This websit suxx. Yur stupide." or something to that effect. (Note to those folks so inclined: I moderate comments so they'll never get posted.) But the story I did about urban parrots and peacocks from... Continue Reading →

Of Parrots and Peacocks

Via flickr user Ingrid Taylar While the emphasis on the Urban Adventure League may be "Urban", that doesn't mean it doesn't care about nature! In fact, nature explorations in the city (and outside of it) are a fun and very integral part of the league! (Don't you forget it!) Which leads me to this... Last... Continue Reading →

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