Will my 2022 be like my 2012?

Myself and my loaded Surly Long Haul Trucker, ready to depart for my PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour. 30 May 2012 It's nearing the end of February. I've already done one bike camping trip, and am itching to do something soon. And like the last few years, my "work life" will be mixed between part-time stuff with Emee... Continue Reading →

2012 Bike Camping and Touring Relfections

After being on the road for four and a half-months on the Cross-Continent Bike Tour in 2011, it would be really hard for 2012 to measure up. Still, 2012 shaped up to be a pretty decent year bicycle wise.April and I started the bike camping/touring year right on New Years with our annual tradition of... Continue Reading →

Interesting Bikes Spotted: Apollo Roadster Tandem

Hello friends! Here is a long-overdue installment in "Interesting Bikes Spotted", aka "Other People's Bikes". For this segment, we'll go back about a month and a half to my PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour. When in Olympia, I spotted this interesting specimen:An Apollo roaster tandem!It's of British make, unknown age, with possibly a Sturmey-Archer four speed hub. Note... Continue Reading →

PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour: The Photos!

Hey friends! Just spent a buttload of time sorting through, retouching, uploading, tagging, commenting, etc etc my photos from the tour to flickr. Please peruse this set to see them all.I'll be adding appropriate photos to the blog posts in the coming days, plus posting final thoughts on the tour. Stay tuned!

PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour, Day 8: Astoria!

The view of Astoria, from the Astoria ColumnWednesday June 6. The original plan for the day was to simply ride the 2.5 miles into Ilwaco and take the bus into Astoria. I've done this ride before and it's nothing special. And taking the bus means not having to ride over the dreaded Astoria Bridge. But... Continue Reading →

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