My Raleigh Superbe at (almost) five years: A superb bike!

Taken with my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s 35mm film camera. (Film: Kodak Gold 200) My Raleigh Superbe is soon to be a member of my Five Year Club, bikes that I've had for that time period. The Crested Butte and Schwinn Heavy Duti have passed those milestones, the Bantam will soon. I got my hands on... Continue Reading →

The pannier lifestyle

Panniers. Probably the most basic "bag on bike" seen today, yet something I've largely eschewed over the past decade. Oh yeah, I started using panniers on my bikes around 2003, but since I got back from the Big Tour in 2011, I started moving towards Carradice styled saddlebags, handlebar bags, and baskets. Why? Well, I... Continue Reading →

Thursday’s Travels

Thursday was an interesting day, to say the least. At least in the weather department.After the brief respite on Monday, it has been a more typical "moody" spring rain cycle over the last few days. Tuesday and Wednesday had their periods of rain, sometimes heavy. But Thursday was a new wrinkle: periods of hail. Hail... Continue Reading →

Custom Bags: Fancy Bicyclist Part 4

In my "career" as a commuter/transportation/utility/whatever-you-want-t0-call-it cyclist, my choice in bags has followed a typical and predictable path. When I first started riding here in Portland 10 years ago, I simply used the generic backpack that I owned. Why not? Of course a small backpack presents limitations when one wants to use their bicycle as... Continue Reading →

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