Ride Report: Palm Tree Ride 2022

Since leading my first ride after the year-plus COVID-induced "pause", my Sunset/Moonrise Ride, in June 2021, I hoped that I'd be leading at least a ride a month. The rest of summer into October looked good. But the rest of 2021 was a drought of rides. Oh, I had planned a few, but I cancelled... Continue Reading →

Spots still available for Sunday’s Palm Tree Ride!

Ah, the annual middle-of winter tradition returns for its seventeenth year! Yes, I have been doing it since 2005, only skipping 2016 when I thought I was “burnt out” from it and 2021 for obvious reasons. The premise, as always, is the same: An approximately10 mile casual bicycle ride (not a loop) explorin’ the palm... Continue Reading →

Winter 2021 into 2022 bike rides

Hello folks! A new season is approaching, and I've mapped out four different bicycle rides I'll be leading here in Portland, Oregon. Three of them are actually rescheduled rides that were cancelled earlier this year, the other is the return of my beloved Palm Tree Ride, which I had to skip in 2022 for obvious... Continue Reading →

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