A visit to the Oregon Coast at Manzanita, 19-21 Feb 2022

While Emee and myself have been to the Oregon Coast several times over the past few years (our last visit to both Seaside and Newport was in November), it's been two years since we've visited Manzanita. This cute little town on the north end of Tillamook County is definitely a destination catering to Portlanders. What... Continue Reading →

A birthday on the beach (but not my birthday), 26-29 November 2021

Bromptons on Nye Beach, Newport OR. 28 November 2021. Minolta Freedom Zoom 160/Fuji Superia Xtra 400 The long holiday weekend (Thanksgiving here in the US) is also the occasion of my love Emee's birthday. To celebrate another trip around the sun Emee wanted to head to the coast. I can never say no to that!... Continue Reading →

A trip to Rockaway Beach

Emee and I had a busy time last weekend. Right after I led my Slough Country Ramble, we high tailed it to the coast! The main reason was that her son was having a birthday celebration at his dad's house in Manzanita, located on the north Oregon Coast. The ride out to the coast wasn't... Continue Reading →

A weekend on the coast

Despite some of you readers who think I live a life of leisure (snicker) and am travelling all the time, I really don't. Sure, I have trips, but they are spaced apart. My last extensive time away from town was in August.* So, it was time for Emee and I to get away. Where to?... Continue Reading →

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