The itch for bike camping returns

Bike Camping at Ainsworh SP/Columbia Gorge, 25 Aug 2020. Ricoh 35 ZF/AristaEDU 200. We're having some nice weather for the beginning of March. That snow and ice storm? So two weeks ago. How can you think about winter when the outside temp is nearing 60F? Not only do we have nicer weather, but the days... Continue Reading →

What I did on my end-of-summer vacation.

I had eleven days off between Sunday September 17 and Wednesday September 27. Normally, I'd go on a bike tour, but as you may have read previously, with much of the state seemingly on fire and wet weather in the forecast for the first half of that time, I jettisoned any grand ambition of a... Continue Reading →

Oxbow Bike Camping, 8-9 May 2017

And whaddaya know, some nice weather for once! After the previous week's summerlike weather, we had a day of rain, then it dried out and warmed up again. In fact, from Saturday May 6 through Wednesday May 10--the longest streak of dry weather we had since, ugh, January!* I did manage to snag a "three... Continue Reading →

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