On blogs I used to follow

6 Feb 2023. Olympus XA/Fuji C200 I mentioned just a little while ago about missing the regular commenters of this blog. There was an era, from about 2010 through to maybe 2015-16 where I'd get a few comments on every post, no matter how inconsequential I considered the post to be. Much of this era... Continue Reading →

Two more posts up on 35mmc

Hey folks! Yeah, I had a post about found film up on the cool film photography centric website 35mmc back on October 10th. (That post got more reaction than I thought.) Since then, I've had two more posts up! Check them out: Pentax IQZoom 928 Review – My Superzoom of ChoiceSamsung Slim Zoom 1150 Review:... Continue Reading →

When blogs go dark

Over the five years that I've been really involved with this blogging world, I've seen more than a handful of blogs wither away. Maybe the person's interests had changed, or they felt like they said all they could say, or they just didn't have the time, or they just didn't care anymore. It happens, it's... Continue Reading →

Itching for touring

Lewis and Clark State Park, Washington. Night 2 of the big tour last year.It was inevitable. We’ve been back in town longer than we were on the road for the Cross-Con Tour. We’ve done a few tiny winter “tours” to places like Stub Stewart and Battle Ground Lake. The first few springlike days have descended... Continue Reading →

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