Interesting bikes spotted: Fred Meyer Hawthorne edition

I haven't done an Interesting Bikes Spotted post here for awhile. That's partially because I have (too) many other things to write about, but also because my tumblr blog bikesspottedpdx is the escape valve/appropriate place for me to post these things. But every once in awhile something will pop up here. And in this case,... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Bikes: The Funky Mixte

It is well known in these parts that I hate the descriptor "funky" when it has nothing to do with either a) music or b) stench. I can't stand it when it's used to mean "offbeat, unconventional or eccentric". This is mostly because it is used by every guide in the universe when they talk... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Mountain Tour Bikes

Welcome back the Urban Adventure League's most copied feature, Other People's Bikes. I'm your host, Rip Taylor.This installment comes to us from manic Monday over on delicious Division Street in the Southeast Portland. After a tasty burrito* I stopped into a local resale shop. Upon locking up I noticed this beaut:Yep, it's another Raleigh USA... Continue Reading →

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