A Long Weekend at the Coast: 14-17 Feb 2020

Over the Presidents Day Weekend, Emee and I spent time on the Oregon Coast! It's a tradition to go out on this weekend, as it's her son's birthday. He has a party out there with his friends in a beach house in Manzanita. As much as I love the coast, I don't get out there... Continue Reading →

A trip to Rockaway Beach

Emee and I had a busy time last weekend. Right after I led my Slough Country Ramble, we high tailed it to the coast! The main reason was that her son was having a birthday celebration at his dad's house in Manzanita, located on the north Oregon Coast. The ride out to the coast wasn't... Continue Reading →

A tour to the coast: May 20-23 2017

Portland is about 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean, at least "as the crow flies". Close enough that we all know its there,* but still just far enough away that it's not the easiest place to get to regularly. By car it's a 90-120 minute drive. By bus, maybe three hours. By bike? At bare... Continue Reading →

Out To The Coast…

Because I had to work all weekend, I didn't go on the Cycle Wild Labor Day trip (though I planned it!*) But I do have three days off starting today. And I want to get away. And April really wants to get away. You see, she likes the ocean. And she hasn't seen the true... Continue Reading →

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