Lomo LC-A: Acquiring the cultiest of cult cameras?

If you take a look at my flickr, you'll see that the album with Olympus XA2 photos has (as of 26 Sept 2022) has 1,882 photos, more than any other camera I've owned. It is the second oldest (to me, not in actual age) camera in my collection, so I'd shoot it more than cameras... Continue Reading →

Pepin-Minneapolis 2022 Trip, Part One: The train ride out

The view of the Rockies from the dining car, as the Empire Builder crests Marias Pass in Montana. 12 May 2022. Olympus XA2/Kodak Portra 160 Here is Part One (of a planned three) posts about Emee and my trip to the Midwest for the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. We took Amtrak's Empire Builder out... Continue Reading →

Olympus XA2: Zen perfection

For the uninitiated: The Olympus XA2 is a 35mm compact camera produced by Olympus in Japan from 1980 through to about 1986 or so. This small camera was designed by Maitani Yoshihisa. It was the second of the XA line which introduced "clamshell" style cameras to the world, as a sliding cover served as the... Continue Reading →

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