Oregon Coast Bike Tour 2021: The photos

Camp at Beverly Beach on the morning of Day 4, 14 Aug 2021. Olympus Pen EES-2, Fuji Sensia 100 Why yes, I took a bunch of photos during my most recent bike tour! And yes, most of them were on film. I decided to bring two of my smallest cameras along with me: my Olympus... Continue Reading →

PDX Coffee Outside at Laurelhurst Park, 22 May 2021

PDX Coffee Outside is part of a phenomenon that sprung up in a lot of places around 2015: Usually weekly and often a weekday morning, it was an informal meet-up of outside coffee enthusiast cyclists. All it required was someone to seize the initiative and set a date/time, then people would show up on their... Continue Reading →

Olympus XA2: Zen perfection

For the uninitiated: The Olympus XA2 is a 35mm compact camera produced by Olympus in Japan from 1980 through to about 1986 or so. This small camera was designed by Maitani Yoshihisa. It was the second of the XA line which introduced "clamshell" style cameras to the world, as a sliding cover served as the... Continue Reading →

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