What I did on my end-of-summer vacation.

I had eleven days off between Sunday September 17 and Wednesday September 27. Normally, I'd go on a bike tour, but as you may have read previously, with much of the state seemingly on fire and wet weather in the forecast for the first half of that time, I jettisoned any grand ambition of a... Continue Reading →

The best laid plans…

Right now I'm technically on vacation. But at the moment it sure doesn't feel like it. When I planned on taking this week and a half off, oh so many moons ago, I had more ambitions for it. I wanted to do a good bike tour. And I had a great idea for one, one... Continue Reading →

A Summer of bike tours big and small

East Fork Lewis River, Clark County WA, at the old bridge near Heisson April at Lucia Falls on East Fork Clark River Yacolt Creek Falls (near Moulton Falls) Train at Yacolt WA (Chelatchie Prairie Railroad) Lake Merwin, North Fork Lewis River, Clark/Cowlitz County WA lava caves near Ape Cave, south side of Mt. St. Helens... Continue Reading →

To The Olympic Peninsula!

Longtime readers to this oh-so-sporadically updated blog (hi, David S!) may remember the big bike tour I was doing in May of 2009. (Editors Note 23 Sept 2019: Who was David S?) Originally it was going to be bike north from Portland to Vancouver, hang out there and in Victoria, then come back to Portland... Continue Reading →

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