Interesting Bikes Spotted: Apollo Roadster Tandem

Hello friends! Here is a long-overdue installment in "Interesting Bikes Spotted", aka "Other People's Bikes". For this segment, we'll go back about a month and a half to my PDX-Oly-Astoria Tour. When in Olympia, I spotted this interesting specimen:An Apollo roaster tandem!It's of British make, unknown age, with possibly a Sturmey-Archer four speed hub. Note... Continue Reading →

Off to Olympia!

As you read this post, I should hopefully be pedaling north from Portland to Olympia, Washington to attend the Olympia Comics Fest on Saturday June 2nd. Then I'll pedal home via the coast (though I may take the bus from Astoria.) I should be home either Wednesday the 6th or Thursday the 7th. Read more... Continue Reading →

How bike tours are sometimes born

When people think about "bike touring" they tend to think in the more epic scale. They picture the Pacific Coast, the Trans-America route, round the world expeditons. Some sort of scenic destination. These are tours that happen because the genesis of the idea of the trip is the bike tour itself. But there is the... Continue Reading →

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