An Art and Publication Year in Review

My table set-up from the Lords Luggage Holiday Market, 17 Dec 2022 It's a positively frigid night here in Portland (20F/-6C, with a windchill like 5F, and freezing rain coming down), a good type of night to reflect back on how my art life fared in 2022. It was overall "good", but there's room for... Continue Reading →

New Old Stock 650A PRE-ORDER

Hello, friends. It's been over two years since the last issue of "my life in bicycles" comic series NEW OLD STOCK. Pandemic slowed down my output, but now I got more comics to share. And also worth noting: This year marks TEN YEARS of New Old Stock! Yep, the first one was published in 2012.... Continue Reading →

Fifteen years of diary comix

I seem to mark a lot of milestones in my life here on this blog. I do it because it's a mix of nostalgia and a reminder of where I've come from and where I'm still heading. Some anniversaries loom large in my head, while others I don't notice until I'm like "Oh yeah, it... Continue Reading →

New Old Stock Comics: In Stock!

How y'all doing out there? I'm hanging in. I just wanted to remind you fine folks that my web store is still open for business. So if you want to help out a small business during these troubled times, while getting some new reading material, here is your chance! I have plenty of copies of... Continue Reading →

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