A couple days at Cape Disappointment

The Pacific Ocean from Benson Beach, Cape Disappointment State Park, WashingtonOn Monday morning, September 3, April and I rode our loaded bikes down to Union Station in downtown Portland. Here we would pick up the Northwest Point bus that goes between Portland and the coastal towns of Cannon Beach, Seaside, Gearhart, Warrenton, and Astoria. The... Continue Reading →

April’s New Bike: Linus Mixte

My sweetie April has been pining for a mixte for a long time. After her 1961 Raleigh Sports, her first serious adult bike (and one she still owns), her second bike was a mixte. A 70's mixte made by an obscure brand (Carabella) that felt like it was made out of lead pipe. Still, she... Continue Reading →

Of Rain and Headsets

Why yes it's in Celsius.If you've checked into rideblog this week, you know it's been wet here in the Pacific Northwest. "Duh," you may say to yourself, "Isn't that what it does all the time up there?" Well, according to Mz. Snarkypup Rideblog that answer is "yes". But I do remember a week with sunny... Continue Reading →

Things from My Sweetie’s Blog

I don't normally do these things, but...April has written up an excellent li'l primer for those folks pulling bikes out of their garages and getting out into the spring loveliness, or now looking for a bike to ride.  It can be found over here at her blog aprillikesbikes:New to Cycling?Also worth checking out are these... Continue Reading →

Snowpocalypse Then

Quick! Get a photo with the Raleigh before the snow is all gone!Do you remember that time in December 2008, when the City of Portland shut down for almost 3 weeks due to snow and freezing temperatures?  Yeah, I do.  And today is nothing like that, though if you listened to some of our weather... Continue Reading →

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