Reminder: Old Library Branches Ride is this Saturday, February 26!

Hey folks! Just a reminder that I'll be leading my Old Library Branches Ride this Saturday, February 26! This is the first time I'm leading this ride, though it was originally scheduled last summer. And there are still spots available! Portland is a city of libraries! There are currently 14 active branches of the Multnomah... Continue Reading →

Winter 2021 into 2022 bike rides

Hello folks! A new season is approaching, and I've mapped out four different bicycle rides I'll be leading here in Portland, Oregon. Three of them are actually rescheduled rides that were cancelled earlier this year, the other is the return of my beloved Palm Tree Ride, which I had to skip in 2022 for obvious... Continue Reading →

Other People’s Bikes, Part 3: The Ska Huffy

Hello friends! It's been awhile, but here's a new installment in the "Other People's Bicycles" Series.This particular bicycle was peeped by the Belmont Branch of the Multnomah County Library, the library where I pick up my holds. Libraries along with grocery stores tend to be good bikespotting locations. The Belmont Library usually doesn't disappoint.I saw... Continue Reading →

From The Library: Some Old Bike Photos

Back in the day before teh Interwebz, it was not easy to find a specific image.  Many artists would create reference files of clippings of images.  This was fairly labor intensive, as it meant having to go through lots and lots of newspapers and magazines, cut out images, and file them appropriately.  I remember we... Continue Reading →

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