A sunset ramble to Mount Tabor, 28 Jan 2021

One thing I've been trying to do is take a little bike ride any day that I have a chance. Too much emphasis is put on a "big" ride, but a small ride of 5-10 miles when one has the time is definitely a mental boost. By their nature, these are going to be local... Continue Reading →

Getting outside during the time of COVID-19

All of us are probably getting used to (or trying to get used to) this brave new reality we find ourselves in for maybe the next few months or so. While I've been "staying in place" this last week (thank you, mostly-work-from-home-"job"), the need to get outside from time to time is still present. While... Continue Reading →

A dry spell

It's no secret: Winter in this part of the Northwest is about rain. No, it's not a non-stop downpour, but there are more days that feature some sort of precipitation than not. But there are dry days, even sunny days interspersed in there. During the middle of winter, it's rare to get more than two... Continue Reading →

Hints of spring

I've lived long enough away from a snowy climate (almost 16 years!) that I can appreciate a little snow here in the winter. But there's a definite window of appreciation, basically December into January. Once January winds down and spring is starting to make itself aware, I'm less inclined to dig a snowfall. Thankfully once... Continue Reading →

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