The Saturday Ramble: Coffee Outside, Leif Erickson, Blue Moon (Sept 24)

On Leif Erikson, MP 3 1/4, 24 Sept 2022. Minolta XD5/Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 lens/Fuji C200 It had been a busy September, with a big conference occupying one full week, and then travel to Boise another. Despite sneaking in some rides while in Boise, my September cycling has been pretty scant. Returning to Portland, I... Continue Reading →

Coffee Outside and a Forest Park Ride: 21 May 2022

At MP 6 1/2 on Leif Erikson Drive, Forest Park. 21 May 2022. Minolta XD5/MC Celtic 28mm f/2.8 lens/Ilford HP5+/Ilfosol 3 1:9 at 5:30 in Rondinax 35U tank It's been a wet late spring, so if something's going on during a nice day, I seize that opportunity. The weekly Portland Coffee Outside meetup was happening... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer.

The last few days we've gotten our first tease of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, a "spring heatwave" if you will. It's been pretty nice since last week, but since Sunday we've seen the thermometer go up: 65F/18C on Sunday, 74F/23C on Monday, and 80F/27C on Tuesday. Eighty degrees! But it's supposed to get... Continue Reading →

What do you call pre-summer, anyway?

Man, it's been damn nice in the Pacific Northwest the past couple weeks. After a very, very, wet winter starting around November, this was a welcome relief. We've had nice days throughout the rainy season, sure, but they were few and far between, and we never got more than three days in a row free... Continue Reading →

A Memorial Day Ramble

I had to work this Memorial Day Monday, as do I every Monday, but hey, I get holiday pay! And it was an interesting day at the hostel: We saw two German cyclotourists depart for Astoria. They had ridden up from San Francisco, partially on the coast (yes, yes, the wrong way), and partially via... Continue Reading →

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