Shawn Granton, Professional Photographer

In the purest sense of the term, a professional is someone who makes money from what they do, whereas an amateur doesn't. This dichotomy has become convoluted over the years, see the fuss over "amateur" status and the Olympics for an example. The term "professional photographer" is a pretty loaded one, conjuring up images of... Continue Reading →

Another excursion to the Long Beach Peninsula: 21-25 April 2021

A three speed on the beach. Long Beach, WA. 22 April 2021. Olympus 35RD/Kodak Portra 400. As I've stated previously, the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington state has become a favorite destination of Emee and myself: beautiful but fairly quiet, as Portlanders end up hitting the Northwest Oregon coast instead, and a bit too far... Continue Reading →

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