A Springwater Ramble, 31 Jan 2018

I had a nice bike ride on Sunday, January 28th. I noted in that post that my next two days off were Tuesday and Wednesday, and the weather looked like it'd be okay enough for another ride. Well, as those days approached, it looked like Wednesday would be the better day, and a ride would... Continue Reading →

Bike Camp Cookout ride report, 13 July 2015

The whole idea around this edition of the Bike Camp Cookout was to entertain out of town guests. Hugh, aka socalpedalpusher was in town with his wife. And Curtis, aka Curtis, was in town to pick up his new Bantam bicycle and ride down the coast. We had a good crew of a dozen or... Continue Reading →

The Dry Between The Wet

Monday was actually a dry day 'round these parts. Last week was pretty much a rainfest, and it looks like this week will be more of the same. So I decided to use this dry window for a bike ride. It would give me a reason to ride the Rudge, since it is not a... Continue Reading →

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