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A Post-Inktober Update: Mid-January 2020

Hello folks! You may remember that I decided to take on Inktober, the month-long draw-with-actual-ink-on-actual-paper challenge last year. I managed to complete it, doing something every day. At the conclusion, I wondered how long I can keep on going with drawing at a regular clip. The answer: For quite a bit! I've been using that… Continue reading A Post-Inktober Update: Mid-January 2020

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It's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League

Hello friends! Yes, the hub-bub of the Holiday shopping season has started. While it's easy to go to places like Amazon this week to get "deals", don't forget about the small businesses. And there ain't no smaller biz than me, the Urban Adventure League! I'm not offering any sizzling hot deals or promo codes this… Continue reading It's "Telegraph Tuesday" at the Urban Adventure League

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Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 1: To Jet Black Coffee

Welcome to another year of the Coffeeneuring Challenge! This annual event, headed up by the esteemed Mary of Chasing Mailboxes, has been going on for most of the decade. I've participated every year since 2013. I've completed every year (getting in the requisite seven rides) except last year, when I only got six. This year,… Continue reading Coffeeneuring 2019, Ride 1: To Jet Black Coffee