My Pedalpalooza 2022 report, as we are in the final month

It's the final month of Pedalpalooza, Portland's summer-long bicycle fun fest. Last time we checked in I had went on the Kickoff Ride on June 1st, Tom Howe's Know Your Greenways Ride on June 8, and then the first two rides I have led: Sunset/Moonrise and the Gorge Ride. Since that report on June 27,... Continue Reading →

I Shoot Film Ride Report, 28 June 2022

Please note: This post also appeared on our sister site, the Bikes and Film Cameras Club blog. Ah, Portland, I love you. I thought I might be the only person to lead a "pedal bikes, shoot film" typed ride for this Pedalpalooza. But no, there was someone else leading one, someone I didn't even know!... Continue Reading →

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