An afternoon ramble to Johnson Lake, 9 January 2021

Clear and dry winter days are a commodity. You have to seize the moment. But for me, that "moment" is often in the afternoon. As much as I wish it otherwise, I am no morning person. I developed my "stay up late" habits in the later '80s when I was a teen. (Late Nite with... Continue Reading →

I bike camped. An overnight at Barton Park, 22-23 July 2020 I bike camped this week. This shouldn't be a big deal to say here on the Urban Adventure League blog, since I've sort of wrapped my identity around bike camping and touring. But after a pretty minor 2019 bike camp/tour season and this whole pandemic we're living under, it's a bigger deal than it... Continue Reading →

Not a bad weekend

Almost at 5,000 miles!The last time I checked in, this blog was full o' gloom and doom. The Brooks saddle on my Cycle Truck got jacked, the weather was craptastic, and I didn't get a job that I'd been hoping to get, one I had been waiting for weeks to hear back from. (I didn't... Continue Reading →

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