Hawthorne Hostel 1984-2020

I got word that the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel is closing for good. The pandemic has shut the hostel down since late March, yet there was some hope that things would "get back to somewhat normal" and the hostel could re-open. This of course is not the case. The parent company (Hostelling International-USA) has decided to... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, hostel.

It's official: Friday November 16 marked my last day at the hostel. If you've been following along, you know that I transitioned out of full time employment in August, and have been working part-time since then. But that was never a permanent plan, it was a temporary source of guaranteed cash until I figured out... Continue Reading →

A time for transition

It's about time for some shaking up in my life. And the best way to stir up the dust is to force my hand. It's been a long time coming, but I've finally decided to cut back my hours at the hostel. I've been working a full-time, five day a week schedule for five years.... Continue Reading →

The bike tourists return

As those of you who have been following this blog for awhile, you know my day job for eleven years and counting is working the desk at a hostel. (Which hostel? Look at my photostreams and you can figure it out.) Now working a hostel has its ups (getting comped bookings elsewhere) and downs (it's... Continue Reading →

Do what you love?

I've worked my job at the hostel off and on for nine years. Nine years! That's double as much as any other job I've ever worked. Much like how "maybe a few years" in Portland has turned into 14, I didn't really think I'd be here this long. The job has its ups and downs,... Continue Reading →

A Quick Life Update

Hello friends and fiends. It was a busy and eventful October here at Urban Adventure League HQ, with its shares of ups and downs. And November promises to be even busier, and hopefully with more highs and lows. What's happening round these parts? I regained full-time status at "the hostel". Those of you who read... Continue Reading →


So there's some good news 'round the Urban Adventure League HQ. I've found myself gainfully employed, sort of.Remember the HI-Portland Hawthorne Hostel, the place I worked at for over five years before we departed for our Cross-Con tour? I'm back. Mostly.Alright, enough obtuseness.  I have been "on the payroll" of the hostel ever since I... Continue Reading →

Thursday’s Travels

Thursday was an interesting day, to say the least. At least in the weather department.After the brief respite on Monday, it has been a more typical "moody" spring rain cycle over the last few days. Tuesday and Wednesday had their periods of rain, sometimes heavy. But Thursday was a new wrinkle: periods of hail. Hail... Continue Reading →

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