A wrap-up of my life in film photography: 2022

Trunk sleeps three. The Cully, 2 Dec 2022 Camera: Minolta XD5 Lens: Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 Film: Ilford HP5+ I'm just finishing up the third year that I've been back into film. It's been a fun adventure, so far. This year I bought a few more cameras, sold or got rid of a few, and... Continue Reading →

To the next level: The darkroom

I started developing my own film back in March. Over the past half-year I've quickly gotten the hang of home processing. Sure, my dinky Kodak Scanza scanner produces ok-at-best scans, but I do have plans of a better scanner when I have enough scratch. And I figured if I was going to home develop, at... Continue Reading →

I Shoot Film Ride Report, 28 June 2022

Please note: This post also appeared on our sister site, the Bikes and Film Cameras Club blog. Ah, Portland, I love you. I thought I might be the only person to lead a "pedal bikes, shoot film" typed ride for this Pedalpalooza. But no, there was someone else leading one, someone I didn't even know!... Continue Reading →

Home developing: Finally!

When I got back into film, the idea of developing my own film was always present. And I had all intentions of doing this a long time ago. Heck, I bought most of the supplies to do it by the end of 2020. But it took until right about now for me to actually go... Continue Reading →

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