Bike Overnight to Oxbow Regional Park, 9-10 Feb 2016

Well, this report won't be a long one, but I will sum it up thusly: It happened! And it was good. I had nice weather early in the week, with sunny skies and a high nearing 60F/16C on Tuesday February 9. (Though there was a stiff easterly wind that day, and I biked into it.)... Continue Reading →

Bike Overnight to Ainsworth State Park (Columbia Gorge), 24-25 March 2015

Ah yes! Another month, another bicycle overnight camping trip. As has become almost a tradition in March, the destination was Ainsworth State Park in the Columbia Gorge. (We seem to go here in March because it's the first month it's open for the season.) Five of us total made it out there. I've written about... Continue Reading →

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