The return of the Olympus Pen EES-2

Self-Portrait at the mirror on NE Glisan. 8 Nov 2022. Olympus Pen EES-2/Kodak Portra 160 If you are the type to actually pay attention to what cameras I've been using, you may have noticed a lack of photos from my Olympus Pen EES-2 half-frame camera over this year. It's not because I no longer like... Continue Reading →

Half-Frame Journal #1 is here! You still have a little time to get it at a special price.

Hello friends! My first photo-zine, HALF-FRAME JOURNAL #1, is now here! I just received a box of these professionally printed zines and they look nice. This zine is about the Willamette Valley Bike Tour I completed in July. It contains black-and-white photos taken with my Olympus Pen EES-2 half-frame camera and journal comics. I've shipped... Continue Reading →

Olympus Pen EES-2: Constant Companion

For the uninitiated: The Olympus Pen EES-2 camera was produced for a few years starting in 1968. It uses standard 35mm film, but like every other camera that is part of the original Olympus Pen film camera series that started in 1959, it creates an image only half the size of a standard 35 mm... Continue Reading →

Olympus Pen EES-2: Second Try

At the end of November, I got an Olympus Pen EES-2 camera. It was a great little shooter, and I became enamored with the world of half-frame 35mm cameras. But that camera was short-lived. After three rolls the aperture wasn't moving anymore. I'd either need a "spare-parts" camera to fix it, or I needed to... Continue Reading →

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