Personalizing the Brompton

It's been three months since Emee and I have gotten our Bromptons. We bought them from REI, since no one else seemed to have them when we were looking (at least not at an affordable price.) I'm really thankful that REI had them (hello, dividend!) but they only carry bare-bones versions, and only in black.... Continue Reading →

Smöl Summer Sale

Hello, friends! The endless purging of unused items continues. This time it’s a grab bag of bike stuff, camp stuff, and shirts. All prices are USD, and do not include shipping. Shipping will start at $4 USD, depending on what and how much you get. Local contacless pickup can be arranged (around Mount Tabor in... Continue Reading →

Crested Butte: Cockpit changes

Submitted to the Endless Tweaking of All My Bikes File: It was bound to happen. All my primary rides end up having cycle computers. I'm not one of those mileage-obsessive types and log in my yearly mileage. But I do tend to like to know how fast I'm going, or how long a current trip... Continue Reading →

New bling for the Wayfarer

Why yes, there will be talk about the Crested Butte very soon. But first, some talk about my other Raleigh bike, the Wayfarer! After getting a rebuilt rear wheel and a new Linus rear rack, there was not much else I could do with this lovely bike, so I declared this bike "pretty much done". But... Continue Reading →

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