Rivelo is closing

It's a new year, and time is not being kind to brick-and-mortar bike shops. Bike Portland has reported that two bike shops plus a bike cafe are closing this month: Breadwinner Cafe, Norther Cycles, and Rivelo. The first two closings are sad, but don't hold that much personal meaning to me: I wasn't excited by... Continue Reading →

Visits with Marc and Grant

Hello friends. Pardon the cobwebs. I haven't really posted in a couple weeks for a couple reasons. The first is that there hasn't been much going on bikewise here. Short days and a five day work week mean little time for fun rides, plus we've had a good spate of wet weather. But more importantly,... Continue Reading →

A visit to Rivendell

I first visited the Bay Area in 1998. I lived there from 2000-1. I visited several times since then. Yet, I had never been to Walnut Creek, a town on the east side of the Oakland/Berkeley Hills, some 15 miles from Oakland. And why should I have? No one I knew lives/lived there, it just... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

Nicholas' Velo Orange CampeurIf you follow the bike internets, you probably know that Velo Orange has "dropped" a new bike, the Campeur. Our friends Nick over at Gypsy By Trade and "mantid" over at Kidhauler have just obtained their Campeurs. It got talked about on Bikeforums which led to an "epic" debate about threaded vs... Continue Reading →

A Cranksgiving Contest!

UPDATE 11/23/12: The contest is closed. See below.Yes, my friends, it is the day of the American holiday popularly known as "Thanksgiving", but if you are into "bicycle culture" at all, you inevitably call it Cranksgiving. Yes, there are historical implications for this holiday, but nowadays it's just a way to watch football and eat... Continue Reading →

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