The small notebook man

It's paralleled my move from bigger sketchbooks (letter size) to smaller (A5) to even smaller (A6) sketchbooks: Most of my notebooks are now pocket sized. I've had a pocket-sized Rite In The Rain notebook in my back pocket for a decade or so, as this all-weather book is great for quick notes. But up to... Continue Reading →

A fountain pen update: A tour of starter pens

Pens from left to right: Platinum Preppy 03, Platinum Plaisir, Teranishi Guitar, Waterman Allure/Graduate, Sailor Hi-Ace Neo, Kaweco Sport (plastic and brass) I've had an obsession with stationery since I was a wee lad, roaming the streets of the Lower Naugatuck Valley back in Connecticut. Any visit to a store like Kmart or Caldor involved... Continue Reading →

Shake-ups in my art kit

Another addition to the kit are these Papelote elastic pen holders that go around a sketchbook. So convenient! For many a decade, I've been pretty boring when it comes to art supplies. In the latter part of high school, I discovered disposable felt-tip pigment pens. Micron is the most prominent make of them, but I've... Continue Reading →

Items for Sale: Shirts, Notebooks, Pen

Hello, friends! The endless purging of unused items continues. This time it's a grab bag of clothing and stationery. All prices are USD, and do not include shipping. Shipping will be anywhere between $1 to $8 USD, depending on what and how much you get. Payment via PayPal. Interested? Drop me a line at Continue Reading →

Finding my way with fountain pens

Since I've been drawing more regularly (thanks to Inktober 2019), I've been giving a lot more thought to the tools of art. I'm not much of an object fetishist, nor do I need the "best" or most expensive things; in the end, it's the art that matters. But that doesn't mean tools don't matter. New... Continue Reading →

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