The update: Fresh air again.

The last couple weeks here in Portland have been hard. No doubt you've heard about the wildfires that raged (and are still somewhat raging) in Oregon. Exploding over the Labor Day weekend, driven by high winds and dry air, the fires have burned up an area larger than the size of Rhode Island (for non-Americans,... Continue Reading →

Fire and Wind: The current status

Ah, September. So fickle. I was hoping that things would be heading a little towards autumn by now, or maybe we'd see a little rain. Instead, we got a once-in-a-century wind event, strong east winds for two days. We get winds out of the northwest in summer, never east. East wind means dry and hot.... Continue Reading →

The best laid plans…

Right now I'm technically on vacation. But at the moment it sure doesn't feel like it. When I planned on taking this week and a half off, oh so many moons ago, I had more ambitions for it. I wanted to do a good bike tour. And I had a great idea for one, one... Continue Reading →

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