Ainsworth post-report: A de-briefing on my first bike camping trip of 2023

The Bantam at Horsetail Falls, 29 April 2023. Olympus Pen EES-2/Ilford Delta 400 It's become a thing for me: After the first bike camping trip of the season, reflect on what happened, the good and the bad. This is what happened after my Champoeg trip last year. And now it's time for me to analyze... Continue Reading →

Goals and plans for my film photography in 2023

My Ricohflex Dia twin-lens reflex camera. I hope to use this camera more in 2023! It's just been three years since I got back into film photography, with the purchase of my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s in January of 2020. Since then, I've shot hundreds of rolls of film, purchased dozens of cameras, and learned how... Continue Reading →

Heirloom value or good enough?

Bike racks, Portland Community College SE, 12 Oct 2022. Olympus 35RD, Ilford HP5+. Home developed: Ilfosol 3 1:9 at 5:30 minutes in Rondinax 35U daylight tank Since I got back into film photography almost three years ago, I follow a lot of film-related blogs. The big chatter over the last week was the introduction of... Continue Reading →

GOING TO CALIFORNIA zine: Finally here!

Hello folks! After a long gestation period (not to mention delays in printing and shipping), my newest photo-zine, GOING TO CALIFORNIA, is here! From November 1st through November 13th, 2021, I travelled to Southern California, my first visit in a dozen years. Flying down with Brompton folding bicycles in tow, myself and my partner Emee... Continue Reading →

Photography as therapy

One thing that many of us have needed, especially over these past two years, is some form of therapy. It could come in the form of an actual professional therapist, or more likely from activities that make you feel good. While feeling good doesn't negate all the problems in our life or the world at... Continue Reading →

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