Camping Report: Ainsworth State Park, 18-19 March

It was hard to tell what the weather would be for departure for the Ainsworth bike camping trip on Tuesday, as it seemed to change with every new forecast. When I initially planned the trip, the weather forecast called for Tuesday to be clear, but each subsequent day had rain creeping in ever closer. Sounds... Continue Reading →

Carbon River Bike Camping: Aug 29-31 2013

There is a problem with trips that involve lots of logistics and also involve travelling with other people: You can’t easily get out of them. Thursday morning, August 29th: I just got a cold the day before, and awoke to the sound of thunder. Now in most of the country a summer thunderstorm is par for... Continue Reading →


Hello friends. Yep, it's been a little while since the last blog post. Long enough that a few people emailed to ask me if I'm okay. Well, yep, I am. It's been not the easiest month around here due to the break-up, but I'm surviving. April and I are still on decent terms, but it... Continue Reading →

Back To Stub (and other errata)

Stub Stewart cabins in snow, New Years 2011.It's been a slow bike week around ye olde Urban Adventure League HQ. I haven't had "bike fun" since last Thursday's ride. I did have the whole weekend off, but the weather was pretty dismal so I didn't get out there for fun besides peeping the 4449 on... Continue Reading →

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