East Portland Cemeteries Ride 2021 Recap

Yeah, it was over two weeks ago, but being out of town for two weeks has definitely put a crimp on my blogging! Anyways, it was a beautiful fall day on Saturday October 30th--sun and a high somewhere between 55F and 60F (13-16C). I had a little over a dozen participants that met me at... Continue Reading →

Reminder: East Portland Cemeteries ride is Saturday, and there’s still spots available!

What are you doing on Saturday? Don't have any plans? Well, I got something for you! And after a week and a half of off-and-on rain, Saturday October 30th looks like it will be a sunny day, with a high around 57F/14C. Great riding weather! So why not join me on the East Portland Cemeteries... Continue Reading →

Getting used to summer biking again

The weather has gotten very summery this week. We are not completely "out of the woods" as it comes to rain, as the forecast for Saturday and Sunday promises wetness. But the dry season will start soon, and we'll see highs from the 70s to 90s F and little in the way of precipitation until... Continue Reading →

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