The light hack two: Electric Boogaloo.

After all the work done to the Raleigh Crested Butte, there remained one important thing to figure out: what to do about the headlight. It's no secret that I've become a convert to dynamo-powered lighting. It's always there, you don't have to worry about removing lights or batteries dying. But there's also another benefit: a... Continue Reading →

New bling for the Wayfarer

Why yes, there will be talk about the Crested Butte very soon. But first, some talk about my other Raleigh bike, the Wayfarer! After getting a rebuilt rear wheel and a new Linus rear rack, there was not much else I could do with this lovely bike, so I declared this bike "pretty much done". But... Continue Reading →

Gifts from Blogging Friends

I feel like such a jerk for not acknowledging this sooner, my apologies.Recently I've gotten some gifts from fellow bicycle bloggers.  The first one is these awesome photos from Dave at  He's been shooting photos of local bicyclists as part of a series, and he caught April and myself before the Three Speed Ride.More... Continue Reading →

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